You Complete Me
You Complete Me

Before we met, I was a mess
I was not eating well
I was not resting well
I was not taking good care of myself
I was broken, sad, lonely and depressed.

Before we Met, I was lost
Lost in all my evil thoughts
I was scared to exist, to love.
I was scared to move on.

Day by day, I consume foods more than I can eat,
I grew my beard longer than you think
I was a different man back then
Yet you came into my life, and then
I changed, I became better for you and myself.

Without you, I feel empty
I feel broke and unholy
I feel worthless and heavy
I feel scared and melancholy.
I feel that I lost my safety.

I was just an ordinary person
But when you came and rushed in
I was completely transformed
That I could not even fathom
This is who I am now and all thanks to you alone.

You deserve my love
You deserve my heart
You deserve me and my best part
You deserve my mind and body so you'll not fall apart

© adelrey