Sitting here trying to puzzle out this problem
If X=2Y what is X?
I push away my book and say
"If I actually use such problem after I graduate I would be a fool busy solving someone else's problem "

I don't need to be the best in school
if I'm the best at life.
School is a waste for those whose minds
already have a path in mind

I speak 25+ languages yet you expect me to
sit here and listen to the same lecture over and
over again?
You are quite mistaken if you think I'll let that happen

I scored the highest on every test
yet every time you say "You need to study."
Stop lying to me I am not stupid
I have my life secure.

Now give me a reason why this is a useful way to spend my time.
I'm not wasting my time on useless sense that just goes to waste.

I am too busy, making sure that I actually get where I want to be ,
for your useless homework
that will get me absolutely nowhere in life.

Scarlett 🖤
© Sweet sugar skulls