Oh death rejoice!
On your uncontested throne
Your might has won.

Dance, Before Man, dance
You're a beautiful masquerade
Dancing, flogging through the forest
Making Huts for eternal rest.

Happy father's day to you death
Here and there you've come again
What's that can hinder your path
You loosed to one but all you win.

Clap, your heart is pure
You're truthful than your victims
In your seasons you make us films
Welcome home and have my treasure.

Oh, only evil calls you worse
As selfishness makes all Men dust

Shout, your way haves no clause
You're just a painful Lost.

Gone too soon is your nemesis
Adieu is your waving fingers
Your Excellency, I've been to your campaigns
I've seen the sorrowful shouts.

But who is life above death!
How's the day far from night
How can the stress without a rest
Your Honour, you're the earth.

You're the season that dries the stream
The nostril that refuses the breeze
The heat that withers the Forest
Who makes the wood from trees
Who drips the water from the blood
And makes a Man a dreaded thing.

Without you, life makes Man wild.

You lay ambush on the way
Attacking great expectations by the way
Your birthday is with every Life
But you never lie.

Come in death
Have a seat
Let's mouth
Upon your wit.

Please, when is my chance!
Surely, we'll all dance
Please, have a glass, merry
Don't be in hurry.

I am yours
What's mine?
Mine is the dust
What's yours?
Are you a conductor
Who ushers in
Enters not the motor
Meet life at inn,

Please, when is my chance?

My North you've taken
My South is your hobby
The East is your balling
West is your calling,

Please when is my chance?

© Okpohoudeme Promise Ita