was it just a game?
were you just bored?
please don't tell me that like those players you're the same
because you're the only one i actually adored

i tried everything
i tried my best
and i dont know if it was true, the things that you said
but now my mind just can't have a rest

it's killing me
please, i want to know why
or do i
I don't even know on who's shiuld i be side

i thought you cared
but why was i so naive
i really thought that
i really did
but because of you,
that night,
i just couldn't close my eyelid

only can you stop
stop being confusing
You're both my bandaid and my wound
i hope I'm not the one you're using
because you are someone i never want to be losing

please tell me why
because i love you with all my heart
why would you do this?
please tell me why

for your answer I'm desperate
did you ever care?
I can't help but overthink it
oh how i dare
how i dare do this to myself
how i dare do this to you
maybe it's my fault
not maybe, but it's true
i talked too much
i cared too much
i -
i dont know what to say
you were my everything
I'd still choose you over anyone,
any day.

because you're the love of my life
and ill love you even if in my back you stab me with a knife