Strength of the soul
Sometimes,I question my worth and doubt if I'm enough,
But I refuse to let those thoughts consume me, it's tough.
Instead of diving into the abyss of despair,
I choose to rise above, breathe in fresh air.

The universe may seem unfair in its ways,
But I'll find my own path and make my own plays.
I won't settle for a life that's not truly mine,
I'll fight for my dreams until the end of time.

Believing in myself is a battle I won't lose,
Even If I stumble and face failure's bruise.
For every setback, I'll only grow stronger,
And use my experiences as fuel to go further.

Depression may knock on my door with a sigh,
But I won't let it drag me down, I'll defy.
I'll find the strength within to conquer its grip,
And rise from the depths with a renewed grip.

The journey may be arduous,but I won't give in,
For in the depths of my soul lies the strength to win.
I'll spread my wings and soar, even when I'm weak,
For it's in those moments that greatness I seek.

So, when the doubts creep in, and I question my worth,
I'll remind myself of my strength and rebirth.
For within me lies the power to rise above,
And create a life filled with joy and love.
© Marian