the trees , the cloud kingdoms and the horse
The time of day I do not spend with anyone,
But study all the leaves that trees display.
Closely watching for the water,
That may come to threaten us again
With flood on forest.
I gently lay my head on a sapling
And marvel that the youth is nothing like its older , wiser trees.
Wandering through a patch of grass
I come to some uneven border,
And like a firefly illumine the world around me
With ideas, brought cloud high
By euphoria which I experience at twilight
Between the hours of 4 and 7.
Such wonders are engraved on my heart and soul,
Beckoning me to engage with my own solace,
Coming from a quiet solitude,
When watching the sky I spy Jupiter
Which at first I thought was Mars or even Venus,
But no such minor world. I envision it, this world
This Jupiter,
And smile at the celestial alpha.
To the Greeks it is zeus.
To the Romans the bringer of jollity,
To my eye a pinky point brighter than any star,
And seen at twilight before the rising sun.
Careful to be accurate I ascertain
Again that this bright world is Jupiter,
Then my curiosity silenced I learn the lesson
And try to remember that part of space
In which Jupiter occupies a solar seat.
Then after the rising of our yellow star
I head for home and see in the heavens clearly
A horse, a stallion pulling a mighty chariot
Across the gulf between two kingdoms of cloud,
The horse and chariot a darkish grayish hue
And all around a variety of luminous colour.
I see no rider on the chariot,
And fancy myself the missing king
Whose whip is brought down to make the stallion burst
With energy
And take the chariot with a boost
Circling the skies before sunrise.
I know too well the name of he and I,
If I should ever realise my fantasy,
And be there at the front of the speeding wheels.
Phoebus the sun God.
A zest for life captivating the wandering clouds
That wisp like follow the momentum.
Such energy pierces my mind
And penetrates every atom of my soul,
That my feelings are invigored like a storm,
And turning the key I take my step,
The small boy lost among so many giants,
A warrior in the making.

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