things that get in your way
Things that get in your way,
As if there's a hidden door blocking your path,
And find the worst, by error as it stray!
A problem to be solved, probably simple math.
my life is a problem I live in hell I pray for freedom
I am threatened by synthetic telepathy on a daily basis
I am afraid they are going to take my brain out of my head
I fear the reaper the veil of souls is thin tonight
your looking at the light working towards a better place where all the dogs can fight
and your looking out for superstition
the thing has come to it's fruition
I'm knocking on the doors of fate and asking for a bet
and all my life is trash and poison my tounge has cancer my minds been toyed with
please perfect god show me passion and love
with wisdom and enlightenment to fit like a glove please help me shine please help me win
I need to beat them for what they did
and you can ask me anything about fixing love
I got the answers to your love
and I'm sick on thick television is slick old John wick old grace slick