anything you can do I can do it better...
Anything, that you think I don't know please believe I do know...I have always known about it and I just don't give that much of a fuck about it...trust.

You, ain't got to act like it is something wrong or like you got a issue with me or some bull shit...just so you can go see the next...just lust.

Can,you at least be real for once it's rediculous as fuck I really don't understand it why is beyond me...it's not that serious to me at all I bet...can't you tell.

Do,you hear yourself how do you not know your so wrong...it's never gonna work out for you don't let that stop you from trying your luck...wish you well.

I,am not about to be a bit worried about it... nothing you say or do...I'm a big girl petty shit don't phase me...caint and ain't ...not today

Can,you explain why you feel it is in your best of interest to be with this one and that one and me...let me tell you a secret...I can do that to...and I'm better at it okay.

Do,yourself a favor will you stay with the one you choose behind my back do that...what she can't keep you she got a man not you already...you a side piece..dumb fuck.

Better,her than me I'm all out of fucks to give ain't nothin you can do that has yet to be done...your a silly mutha- fucka and your lil game trash... better luck.

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