Unbridled joy
Joy unfettered, pure and true,
A feeling that shines, in all we do.
A smile that spreads, from ear to ear,
A heart that sings, without a fear.

Like sunshine bright, on a cloudless day,
Happiness radiates, in every way.
It dances in eyes, that sparkle bright,
And fills the air, with a sweet delight.

With every breath, our souls take flight,
In pure elation, we feel alive tonight.
Our spirits soar, on wings of glee,
In the warm embrace, of pure ecstasy.

Like a gentle breeze, on a summer's day,
Happiness caresses, in a loving way.
It wraps us tight, in a sense of peace,
And fills our hearts, with a deep release.

So let us bask, in this feeling so rare,
And let pure happiness, be our greatest care.
For in its warmth, we find our peaceful nest,
And our hearts are filled, with love and pure bliss.
© Rukie vert