Corazón de León
When I was young, I started living life on my own.
My parents didn’t raise me and my auntie’s heart was cold.
I had to learn to love myself; I had to learn to be alone.
You can see my battles scars if you look inside my soul.
Heart of a lion.
I will not run or hide; I’ll stay strong.
If you show me love, I’ll show you love until I’m gone.
A lot of friends lost their life.
They said the life we lived was wrong.
From the cradle to the grave; my love is tenfold.
I got tattoos on my body but I don’t have them on yet.
Patience is a gift.
People see more when you speak less.
I don’t care if I’m not the only.
I will the best.
My lion’s mane flowing in the wind; I’m battle tested.
© Young B.I.C