Love is a gentle breeze, caressing the soul,
A symphony of emotions that makes us feel whole.
It's a warm embrace, a tender touch,
A language spoken without words, so much.

Love is a dance, two hearts entwined,
A journey of discovery, beautifully designed.
It's the spark in your eyes, the smile on your face,
A feeling that transcends time and space.

Love is a sunrise, painting the sky,
A beacon of hope when clouds pass by.
It's the laughter shared, the tears wiped away,
A constant presence, come what may.

Love is a melody, playing in our hearts,
A symphony of feelings that never departs.
It's the strength in vulnerability, the power to heal,
A connection so deep, it's almost surreal.

So cherish love, embrace its embrace,
Let it guide you, with each and every pace.
For in love's embrace, we find our true worth,
A love that's boundless, a love that gives birth