Not Good Enough

I won't ever have the love in a fairy tale
My flaws too many, my virtues too frail
I stumble in the depths of my own hell
My love a story I can't ever tell

I long to be the one you love
But I know I'm just not good enough
I long to overcome the dark that holds me tight
But I'm just a flawed human, not enough for your light

Haunted by demons of my own design
Whispers of failure echo in this heart of mine
A broken vessel unworthy of grace
It's something I just have to face

I say that I have moved on, but I lied
In my heart I know I cannot hide
The truth that stings with every breath
I will love you always, until my death

So let me linger here within my pain
No light is found where darkness reigns
For I am not enough, a broken soul indeed
I will never be the one you need
© MysticDreamer