Why does it hurt so much.
Why did our lives had to touch.
Why do I sit here so alone and so broken.
Why did you so quick from that spell awoken.
Why do I keep reading your writing.
Why does my mind want to keep fighting.

When all has been said, all been known.
When you told me that I will still be alone.
When I know you will still pick up when I call.
When there'll always be that invisible wall.
When we'll be friends but nothing more.
When I'll wonder what all this has been for.

What's left there to say that hasn't been said.
What's left there to do when those feelings are dead.
What can I do to be happy to know that you are.
What can I do when you want to stay exactly that far.
What does a man do to just get over this torment.
What does a man do to not think about her for a moment.

How should I know which memories to erase.
How can I clean up my heart's now empty space.
How can I listen to you and let go and move on.
How can I pretend that every feeling is gone.
How can I act like you're not my dream.
How can I stop myself, not cry, not scream.

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