Antediluvian centuries ago foretells abstractly the epic contention of superior beings of dual distinct factions.

Girded by the Creators paradise they bicker incessantly with disruptive reactions.

A vivid origin of these beings too discreet into intricate details, commonly referred by most a mere speculation.

The Creators subordinates argue and contemplates the shortcomings and grievances of the Adam and his kind.

In the heavenly courts of debate,the cunning one observes the outraged denomination against the favoured mortals,alas,a chance for the manipulator to misleadingly blind.

The spiteful majority rallies against the Creator and his fervent subordinates,the charlatan smirks cynically at his Lord and vows impertinent rebellion.

A call to arms,the insurgency is imminent with passionate sentiments of varied stance till the pasture green is painted red vermilion.

Smeared with profound grief,the Creator reaches the verdict of battling his serenading Morning Star and his league for the cause of discipline and salvation of his precious masterpiece.

The scrolls for the declaration is appended and sealed pacing along the hourglass timepiece.

The echoing trumpet blares across the heavenly realms,a call to arms as the factions marches on with drawn swords ,an unrelenting battle to to the defeat and retreat of the conquered.

Revolts fixated on sheer envy and concocted malice against the innocent shall not go unanswered.

En Garde! the ferocious battle ravages on as the unscrupulous witnesses overcome with his compromised hoard grossly defeated by the warrior light of the Archangel Michael and his comrades.

The word incarnated into flesh defends the truth against the spinning yarns of the onslaught, wielding the holiness of the pure divine triads.

Unabashed and distorted,,the charlatan and his subjects are strenuously cast down by the outcry of the warrior factions to the spheres of the Earth.

The disowned vagabonds thwarted and humiliated observes its new habitat,a perfect destination for the commencement of the diabolical as the cursed one soliloquies.

Trees,seas,rivers,birds,animals of it's kind,the disowned shapeshift to camouflage with the nature apparent to the sight to wreck havoc on the indigenous inhabitants undettered.

Dreading the worst set to establish,the messenger cherubim resonantly yells"Woe to the Earth and all in it", signal of the imminent catastrophe stemming from loathing envy of the Enemy.

Nigh the dwellings of the mundane ,the snares of profligate indulgence and incitement of the seed of hatred sprouts pervert blasphemy.

On the mountaintop,the duo sacrificial compartments of the brother's lay in the plain sight of the Heavens,one arranged with the flesh of the fattened calf and the other with lean,thin fruits and vegetable produce.

An offering of such calibre to the Creator implies plain disregard for reverence without excuse.

Enticing aromas of the burning seasoned flesh is the preferable,the seething brother stares on at his fellow with outright contempt.

Oh my!!,it seems your brother is better than you",an indistinct voice enrages and possesses the farmer to bludgeon his brother in cold blood."

A blow of profound intensity to the occiput dazes the consciousness and awareness of the hunter to flop with a heavy thud.


The thunderous approaching voice quizzes the farmer saying"Where art thou brother", only to be sarcastically remarked of "Am I thy brother's keeper",an evident profane jab.

For the mere mortal to show such irreverence to his Creator was like a plunging heart stab.

The birth of an outright sin of murder by man invites a a vile whoredom of atrocities and immorality to the land.

The Enemy revels in the carnage and self destructing monstrosities taken possession of the man.

Alas!,the rallying debate of the undeserving favoured mortals who pay no reverence to their creator proves evident.

Creations sculpted with passion and an honorary likeness to the Supreme whose contemptuous acts in the now much too aberrant.

The Creator on his throne looking down on the Earth is grieved with sadness on the waywardness of his creation,"How far they have fallen",as he sighs.

The disciplining and just nature of him compels the hand of sanction or punishment to atone for the indiscriminate sinful lifestyles and to heal the land of such plague.

The plight of the man coerces the concern of the Heavens as to what could shelter them from the eternal damnation of the bottomless vague.

The light of God,the warrior angel volunteers a remedy of a sacrifice of himself to atone and save the man from the clutches of the sinful charlatan.

The Creator stricken with grief concords the sacrifice of his begotten son to offer a chance of redemption for these sinning lost souls cosmopolitan.

Alas!,the righteous lamb was slain on the cross for the redemption cause,a second chance of repentance and eternal life was meted out to all.

Yet the resilience of the man to cling onto the hope of redemption of a fighting chance is an exceeding appall.

Through diverse cultures and religions he is known by numerous accolades of the devil, Diablo,Satan, Lucifer or Morning Star as he was affectionately called by his creator in times past.

Tainted reputation of the once upon a time saint,whose name now in the very utter compels all to quiver in aghast.

He is the ultimate enemy refraining all from the light and doing the right, misery and chaos is his impression.

Possessing, depressing and oppressing innocent souls is his life's quest by the medium of the destructive spree of transgression.

Along with his seducing legions that prowl the Earth, they are on a quest to mislead all men into sinful contempt.

An iniquitous revolution of thwarting divine intervention of salvation of the man,a tyranny of deception in which none is exempt.

The gate of life is open and the competitive struggle is real and time is of the essence.

Hence the imperative desire for dainty steps to the door of salvation should by all be embraced in acquiescence.

Thus in the chilly night of rain,thou wavers only few words of caution to the fellow wayfarers.

It is of the right that the ladder of salvation is hurriedly climbed up without addicting errors.

The sin of the overindulgence of what thou eats, drinks,sees,feels,wear and entertain might be a possession of the Enemy leading thou astray.

Constant adherence to these guides abide by the necessary steps hopefully in the last days of validation for the eternal rejoice does not betray.

© @Opoku Francisca