Karma, oh karma, a relentless mistress,
Her wrath knows no bounds, her vengeance relentless.
She lurks in the shadows, awaiting her chance,
To strike with a force, so fierce, so intense.

She's a bitch, they say, and rightfully so,
For she brings back to you, what you've sowed.
Every action, every word, every thought,
Will come back to haunt you, as karma has taught.

With a heart full of malice, she weaves her web,
Ensuring justice, no matter how long it may take.
She'll catch you off guard, when you least expect,
For her timing is perfect, and she never forgets.

If you've caused pain, prepare for your fate,
Karma will find you, no matter how late.
She'll make you feel the hurt, you once did bestow,
And teach you a lesson, so you'll learn and grow.

No one can escape her, no matter how high,
For karma's reach extends beyond the sky.
She'll balance the scales, restore harmony's song,
And make the wrongs right, no matter how long.

So tread carefully, my dear friend, be aware,
For karma's a bitch, and she's always there.
Choose kindness over cruelty, love over hate,
And embrace the power of karma, before it's too late.
© Nate