met them all
I've walked with Delirium
I've fought with Dream
I've danced with Death
And all that that means
I've survived Destruction
I've beaten Despair
I've lost to Desire
And I've paid my fare
I've met the Prodigal
In the Nightmare realm
I've read Destiny's manual
I've worn Dream's helm
My stone is a ruby
My pen is my sword
I've walked with the Endless
Since the day I was born
And when this life's over
And Death takes me home
I'll sit at their table
Right where I belong
Surrounded by family
I'll read what I wrote
With the gifts that they gave me
And I'll call myself Hope
Though they named me Drama
When they sent me to live
A life among mortals
With a message to give
From the pen in my hand
With the blood of my soul
The Truth of the Endless;
That love is the goal
It's all we take with us
It's all that we are
Alpha to Omega
Creation's star
Then we'll raise our glasses
And toast in salute
And pray the world listens
To that one Endless Truth.
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