I am sitting on my bed staring at your picture
Thinking that with you I would spend my future
It is funny how things happen
And that your heart can break very suddenly
I have happy thoughts of our life together
And those memories will be with me forever
I gave myself to you to show you that I love you
And I promised also to be faithful to you Our love was very special from the very start
I am glad that in my life you were a big part
Missing you so much since you have gone away
You not coming back hurts me more each day
Things happen for a reason of that I understand
At least you knew my love for you was very grand
It hurts me very much that you died so young
I often ask myself why did things go wrong
Believe me when I say I am trying hard to cope
When something like this happens you lose all your hope
You think your life is over and feeling very scared
But you just remember all the times you share the memories you keep them deeply in your hear
And be grateful that in your life he was a part