My place of anxiety: Existence
My anxiety carries me to the place,
the place of nothingness,
where I am comfortable and safe
until I'm asked to come out,
out of the nothingness to meet the existence,
meet the eyes of existence,

I don't leave the door of nothingness too far,
because I need to return,
to bring solace,
and get rid of fear to exsist,

I no more remember how an apple tastes,
I don't remember the sign boards I once saw,
I don't like town visits anymore,
I don't remember if I have hands, to greet,
I don't worry to know the tastes,
I don't have to remember sign boards,
Im not more in need to visit towns,
I no more suffer panic and anxiety attacks,

This is my place,
place solace, nothingness,
Away from my place of anxiety,

© Rajvik