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Fake life 👥
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A reckon poem 📋

A borrowed dress could save the fame

This game was enjoyed by many

"Make the dress with groceries instead of garri "

Pack it into a designers bag instead of a polythene bag

"Send me your account instead of Money-lending

"Drive me to bahamas square instead of ikorodu "

" That I may usher quick snaps"

" Take me to the parking lot instead of garage "

" Pack it to my Jeep instead of a molue bus"

This is my complimentary card instead of a promise card

Iron my designers shirts instead of my second hand life

Is it While shifting bahamas to sabo ?

While covering garri to groceries ?
Is It?.............
While sewing ankara to gucci ?
Is it ?........
While driving the three legged horse instead of range rover ?
Is it ?......
While hosting a quick call of note in mama put instead of dominos brothers ?

Is It?.......

..... Poet by

. Joseph blessing