Losing That Which Matters Most: Finding Ourselves
Collaboration with @I_Am_Michael

In a Space and Time gone and seen no more
Loved and lost seems so far isolation left in store
Telephone sends empty static beyond the seashore
Ghostly echoes fill the air at my ethereal core

Come back
Will you get back to me

For just one night
Give me delight
A love that is out of sight

The winds play chimes to send cold chills up my spine
Her ghastly face and chilling stare but there through God's Divine

She came back
Yes came back for me
I hoped and prayed
And though a fright
As now pale white
At least we shared one last night
And just hoped she stayed

Oh, where does my love for you go now?
Now that you're gone,
Do my feelings too?
You left me all alone with this broken heart.
You left me.

You're too unfair, you know that,
Does the love that you gave,
Is it all true?
The love, care, and full attention that you gave?
You leave me dozens of pair of questions.

Oh, you leave me breathless like an open fire in the wind.
So breathless my love.
Now I can't anymore sing our favorite song.
Where shall I seek?
Where did you go?
Where did you go?

© AngelWhispers ✨