In, Out
In, Out

Falling in and out of love and asking for advice from up above !

In one ear and out the other to avoid a fight , even if what is said isn’t right !

Day in, day out is what life is all about !
Breathe in, breathe out , no need to scream and shout.

Rest assured it won’t all be cured but in a few moments the pot will no longer need to be stirred !

Anger will lessen and eventually the storm will subside, so there is no reason to run or hide !

Take it all in ,take it all out with joy and pride !

Have a positive attitude and continue showing some gratitude !

Time keeps ticking by so fast , so live in the present and out of the past !

Stay in tune for opportunities, they are vast! Feel blessed that hard times are out and will not last !
Jill4750 Aka Jillie Bee 🐝

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