what I love?🥰💕
I love to walk on green grass,
I love to hear singing of cute birds... I love to chase a butterfly and also a dragon fly ,

I love to fly my kite which goes so high.. I love to drink water from fountain and river, I love to feel cold breeze of nature... I love to roam with my friends around the jungle , I love to eat mango,blueberries and custard apple.. I love to smell fragrance of beautiful flower, I love to get wet in rain's shower.. I love to build my dream house with the sand of a sea shore, I love to hear its naughty waves's roar... I love to sleep in the moon light , I love to hear horror stories by hugging my mother tight.. I love to see colour of sun during sun set and sun rise,I love to gaze the blue sky full of stars at night.... What I love to do, I do never.. But today My inner child wants to do everything beautiful what I loved ever ...
© Priyanjit💜❤️147
© Priyanjit 💜❤️147