Betrayed Hearts: A Poetic Saga of Love's Trial
In adoration's delicate gleam,
a story is told,
Of hearts weaved in dreams of gold. However shadows sneak,
in secret sight
, Double-crossing murmurs as the night progressed.
Gracious, whimsical heart, so profoundly torn,
By promises once made, presently brutally worn.
An affection once unadulterated, presently stained with lies,
An ensemble of genuine cries.
In delicate murmurs, guarantees made,
Presently broke, similar to a delicate cutting edge.
The glow of trust, presently went to ice,
Love's delicate blossom, brutally lost. Through tear-stained eyes,
reality shows up,
Adoration's pleasantness blurs, supplanted by fears.
A heart in pieces, broke, broke, Disloyalty's toxin, its poisonous demonstration.
Love persists, despite scars and pain. A wounded soul still retains love.
To heal the wounds and embrace grace,
forgiveness seeks its humble place.
For affection, however injured,
will emerge,
Patching harms,
underneath weepy skies.
A demonstration of solidarity inside, An excursion back from where it's been.
In this way, love and selling out, connected at the hip,
A story of battle, where hearts endure. In the profundities of agony,
love finds its direction,
To sparkle once more, a more brilliant day.
© #kukku2024