hibiscus. &. Coconut Dreams
Hibiscus blooms under the sun's warm glow
Coconut dreams on a beach, just me and you
Sand between our toes, the salty breeze blows
In this paradise, our love forever true

Turquoise waves crash upon the shore
Seagulls dance in the azure sky above
In each other's arms, we want nothing more
Than to share this moment, this perfect love

The scent of hibiscus fills the air
As we sip coconut water and laugh
Our hearts intertwined without a care
On this secluded beach, the perfect epitaph

So let's soak up the sun, let's soak up the view
In this moment, it's just me and you
With hibiscus in bloom and coconuts galore
Our dreams on this beach will forever endure.
© cynfully