Brothers 4 Life
I gotta scream it from the top of my lungs
“All I want is a little bit of love”
And yet, you're deciding to pop drugs
Right in front of my pupils,
Look what you've taught me to do
I caught a high and I'm shooting above
Taking liquid marijuana and for what?
I'm living on a damn prayer,
I want you back, brother
But it ain't abouta happen soon, huh?
I wanna bottle this shit up, deep inside
I really do, it's just a lot to comprehend
When each memory of you
Sings a different tune; we're losing touch
And that's alright.
I can't pick or choose between keeping us
Alive; only one of us will survive
If it means we'll die apart, knowing well
I may never see you again

© Shin Shady
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