#YearEndEchoes where dreams once intertwined,
A slumbered world, hidden and confined.
But behold, a stir, a gentle sigh,
As dawn's golden touch paints the sky.

Whispers of awakening fill the air,
A symphony of hope, banishing despair.
From deepest slumber, a spirit ascends,
Breaking free from time's relentless bends.

Eyes flutter open, embracing the light,
A soul reborn, ready to take flight.
From shadows emerged, a phoenix soars,
Unleashing passions, hidden behind closed doors.

The dormant heart begins to beat,
Each rhythm a dance, a melody sweet.
The senses awaken, sharp and clear,
As vibrant colors of life draw near.

A symphony of sounds, untold melodies,
Echo through the awakening soul, setting it free.
The song of birds, a gentle breeze,
Reveal the secrets of ancient trees.

Awakening hands reach out to explore,
Caressing the world like never before.
With purpose and love, they leave their trace,
Spreading hope and warmth in every embrace.

The once clouded mind now starts to soar,
Seeking truths never known before.
In wisdom's embrace, it finds its way,
Illuminating paths in the light of day.

Awakening is a profound journey,
A pilgrimage where truths are set free.
It calls us forward, to rise and grow,
Embracing the wonders life bestows.

So awaken your spirit, let it unfold,
Embrace the stories yet to be told.
For in the awakening, we find our place,
And discover the beauty of life's embrace.
© Nate