cloud nine
We were strangers when i saw you
You waited for the day to dawn
I watched you play the strings
and heard melodies from your lips

I stopped as your eyes laid mine
my heart rumbled as you waved your hand i smiled awkwardly and hid my blush
I guess we're not strangers anymore

In the soft glow of the moon above
I found a feeling, it's called love
It's a fire that burns, yet so gentle and warm
In your arms, I found my home.

The moonstone you gave me
Wrapped around my neck
Wearing it feels like you
Wearing it makes me blue

Every color in the sky
Imagining that we can fly
Truly, this makes us fine
Chasing the breeze like we're in cloud nine

From the dawn's first light
till the end of the day
In your love, I've found my only way
Together we'll walk, hand in hand
In the sands of time, our love will stand.

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