Such an artificial language is this earth,
Bringing such a death to every new born
By quantifying everything from a morsal.
I have regrets to do with love and friendship.
I have the secrets of my very soul
Then read again about the superman,
Who demonstrated power and the will
To use that will to gain.
The superman was a power brought to climb
These regions which are lost in time and space.
There was a pollution once
Said the man who lived in the year 2525,
I knew him once.
He is gone
Long gone,
A memory
Which fills me with constant horror
As i remember his own remembrances.
Of machines doing the work
That generations built.
Yet so degenerative, disordered.
Then there was the time of genocide
And civil strife becoming civil war.
I sit on my bench
I pull my coat around me tighter,
Since winter is coming on
And dark days will be prolonged,
There might be ice,
There might be avalanche,
I do not condemn nature.
I would not dare.
I'd never curse the rain,
I'd never curse the snow.
I go to eat my breakfast
In the eye of a storm.
While i can i close the door,
And bolt it .
There is evil all around,
And ministers of grace are far away,
Dishing out fortune to others.
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