Divine Living Cosmos
In the boundless expanse where stardust dreams,
A tapestry of light, where the cosmos gleams,
Divine whispers dance in the cosmic sea,
A symphony of existence, wild and free.

Stars in their orbits, ancient and wise,
Gaze upon us with celestial eyes,
Galaxies swirl in a majestic embrace,
Each particle a note in the cosmic grace.

Nebulas blossom in ethereal hues,
A painter's palette of cosmic clues,
Mysteries woven in the fabric of space,
Echoes of creation in every place.

Planets spin in harmonious song,
In the dance of time, where they belong,
Life awakens on a distant shore,
A miracle of the cosmos, forevermore.

Consciousness blooms in the heart of man,
A spark of the divine, in the grand plan,
We ponder the stars, the infinite skies,
Seeking the truth with wondering eyes.

The cosmos within, the cosmos without,
An endless journey, a whispered doubt,
Yet in the silence of the night so still,
We feel the pulse of a higher will.

For we are stardust, children of light,
Born from the cosmos, glowing bright,
In every heartbeat, in every breath,
The divine cosmos dances, transcending death.

So let us live with hearts open wide,
Embrace the wonder, let go of pride,
For in the vastness of the starry dome,
We find our place, our eternal home.