Men don't lie
Here is a poem on "Please Men, Don't Lie"

Please Men, Don't Lie

In the depths of your eyes, a truth is revealed
A sincerity that's essential, a heart that's concealed
Don't hide behind masks, or deceive with a grin
For lies are like poison, that slowly creep in

Trust is a treasure, that's fragile and rare
Handle it with care, show it you truly care
Don't shatter the bond, with a single deceit
For once broken, it's hard to repair the defeat

Your words are powerful, they can build or destroy
Choose honesty always, let your heart employ
The courage to speak truth, no matter the test
For lies are a burden, that weigh heavy on the chest

In relationships, honesty is the foundation stone
A bond built on lies, is a house that's soon overthrown
Be truthful in your actions, in every single way
For lies are a cancer, that slowly eat away

Respect is earned, when truth is spoken with grace
A man of his word, is a man of great pace
Don't let lies define you, let honesty be your guide
For a heart that's truthful, is a heart that's dignified

In a world of deception, be a man of your word
A beacon of hope, in a sea that's often blurred
Let your yes be yes, and your no be no
For lies are a disease, that we can no longer know

I hope you enjoy this poem!