Festive Echoes

Festive Echoes

The darkness of the night,
The stars shimmering bright,

As the old year fades,
And the new takes flight.

Festive echoes filling the air,
With joy and cheer,

Welcoming with open arms,
The brand new year.

Bells ring out,
Announcing the hour of change,

Hope and optimism,
Our hearts rearrange.

Fireworks explode,
Painting the sky with light,

A kaleidoscope of colors,
Shining so bright.

We bid farewell to
Days gone by,

Embracing the unknown,
With spirits high.

With each tick of the clock,
We leave behind,

The past's mistakes,
The regrets that bind.

In this moment of transition,
Let us reflect,

On lessons learned,
And new goals we'll select.

The New Year brings a chance
To start anew,

To chase our dreams,
And make them come true.

So raise a glass,
To the year ahead,

With gratitude for the life
We've led.

Festive echoes
In our hearts will stay,

Guiding us forward,
On this New Year's Day.

Here's to the journey
That lies ahead,

A poetic transition,
As the old year is shed.

May the coming days be filled
With delight,

And may your New Year
Be merry and bright.

© Catherine S. Pariño. 2023. All Rights Reserved