Fall in love
In the quietest part of the night,
When you hover between dark and light,
Wondering if you can float away on dreams,
Hoping they won't turn into screams...
After that night woke up with a fresh cherishing morning
Within tik-tak back to the office
As usual burden of files
Ready to make you busy!
After a while when you are exhausted
With a long working day, slowly
The screen going to shut down.
The world of dreams is welcoming you
With fresh and floating waves
At that time simply watching yourself on a blank screen,
Did you ever feel that how a long working day turns you into?
Skipping meals, much stress, and a lot of coffee final result is drained your face!
But still, a sparkle makes you look beautiful
Is your smile.
Finally thank yourself for bearing all this and being good.
Love you myself!

© stone heart 236