The cost.
Did you ever hear a hippy say "love hurts"?
Did you ever hear the saying "love is free"?....
and like the thawing of frost'...
...they just never told me,the pain that comes with it..
...Comes at great cost.
In my silent gasp,you took our reality of us,so I had nothing to grasp.
nothing to hold,unknowing your plan upon me was about to unfold,...
...like looking into the eyes of a shark,..
...with its blood running cold,left and abandoned rotting away & with mold.
some story's are sometimes best left untold, but those are the very story's from in which people are mould.
An ending had arrived,from which I was deprived..
...Left for dead,I'm still unsure if I even survived.
It will come to it one day,or it might not...
...but it will,
Your see my face & time will stand still.
You f@cking deserve it,you deserve to feel ill,
you deserve to feel sick,being with me while f@cking his díck.
Butter wouldn't melt, I've seen what she is now & the pain that I felt.
Yet I think of you when I shouldn't, your the truth of a lie..
...you've gone bye.