Tell me then, weren't we all just surviving?
I bleed red, yellow, and blue, just to paint worthy somewhere they can recognize it too. Was I ever really something you needed or were you just getting back at me because you felt cheated. Did I make you crumble, is that the weight you hold, am I the bad guy in the story you have yet to unfold. Truth be told, you were once mine as well, but I sit here, drowning, entranced in a spell. Time moves slowly, pictures on the wall, faces crying, breaking in the fall. Leaves crunching, under feet running cold, pitter patter on the pillow sends me reeling, I remember the lows. When did it end, was it ever truly worth the fight, was I the mistress or was I a whore in the night. I stole, broke, and shattered many a soul, but I guess death always pays karma her fair share of the toll. But truly, weren't we all just... surviving..