Money is power and power is corruption
Yet in this day of misguided direction
People are living in all types of corruption
Money, power and greed
So how much more do you really need
Money is evil, and power is corrupt
Then like a volcano emotions erupt
Did you know liars and thieves abuse power with greed
How often have you believed, then later found out that you've been deceived
Corruption will always spread in the hearts of men
Then they let their ambition get the best of them
Moneys the motive and corruption is the tool of their trade
Learning how to pick and choose and how to throw the blade
Where corruption thrive, so does crime and poverty
Breathing down the neck of minorities
Corruption is a vile disease which suck and kills the life out of anything good
Sometimes the five faces of corruption are visible at the same time
Commissions, Fees, solicitation
Extortion and deception
The sight of that is surely worth a dime
Corruption is not bribery, but bribery is corruption
Don't add to your grief or deceive with belief
Because under the horn of betrayal
Scratch a liar, find a thief
In cheap imitations, dancing with the beast
This old world is wide enough
So you'll engage with others you shouldn't really trust
And as time keeps moving, you keep losing
But as long as you keep going
You won't suspect there's anything wrong
With no doubt inside your mind where you belong
But that's a plan that's designed through corruption
Sometimes you'll win other times you'll lose
And it might make you feel a little blue
But is losing something you love
A blessing in disguise
Besides, who comes and goes into your lives
is not for you to decide
Corruption has its own motivations,
Its a secrect none of us knows
Only transparency is the cure
And just a small act of kindness can pave the way for a better world
Just like a small act of corruption can open the road for a corrupt world
With the stench of corruption as dirty money earned, And this crooked world will continue to turn
With the left and right working in tune
While we continued to be swayed by the hungry pale moon
Coveting what is not really our own!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo