Shadows of Restless Minds
In the depths of despair, lost and alone,
Whispers of sorrow, a heart turned to stone.
Tears that fall like rain, a shattered soul,
Haunted by memories that take their toll.

A lonely cry in the night, unheard and unseen,
A deep ache in the chest, a shattered dream.
Lost in a sea of darkness and fear,
No light to guide, no hope to draw near.

A world devoid of color, only shades of grey,
A broken spirit that can't find its way.
In the silence, the echoes of lost souls cry,
Forever wandering, never knowing why.

No redemption, no solace, no sweet reprieve,
Just endless anguish that refuses to leave.
A tragic tale with no happy end in sight,
A heart consumed by sorrow, a never-ending night.

© Jellal_asuma