The way you was there when I was in tears you would make me laugh.
you wiped my tears as I wept ,he just couldn't leave without making me feel like I was dead..
We became friends and you knew how to make me forget the pain I was in ..
I tried to say it's going to end up making us all regret,yet you would not stop you kept placing yourself right where you shouldn't have been ....
I tried and tried to say it's not good for us to be together like this.
There is so many things I wished I now would forget you only was after away to get ahead to get me alone....
Now I know this was all your master plan you toyed with my mind my heart my emotions made it like I had no choice this was the life I lead said submit I had to are it wouldn't be good that's how it has to be you said.
soon I forgot how to keep you away you crept in my room when I slept telling me that I woud regret if I did not submit that I wouldnt like the out come that I was only a pet...
you told him I was crazy I made it up you made it out like I was a coward..... trust you trust in miracles you
we're going to save my life but I had to give in ...you placed your hands around my neck that's The night I will never forget.
© in2mecy