My Life
Bent image of dissected
Memories polluting my
Ears with distorted screams
Flashing friction across my
Heart with each punch at
The thin ice I tread on feeling
The blood of previous battles
Begin to drip down the corners
Of my mouth

I fall through and land on a
Patch of green grass smelling
The scent of a rotted reality
Fill my nostrils causing a ripple
Effect in my body exposing the
Virus in the atmosphere of the
Dream land draining the color
Uncovering the apocalypse beneath
The surface

I hear the oxygen escape my
Thoughts causing them to
Fall flat upon exposure washing
Through the wind as I yell for
Clarity watching as my surroundings
Begin to melt into itself leaving
Behind a shadow to symbolize
It's once existence

I close my eyes feeling my
Anxiety slowly fade and open
My eyes to a waterfall surrounded
By my team of supporters smiling
Gifting me their hand guiding me
To the clear water hydrating me
With the refreshing assurance of
loyalty washing the cobwebs from
My mind

© 2023