I’m not the easiest person to love.
I have a long list of insecurities and guilt.
But I’m not guilty saying I deserve this.
I, Cierra, deserve your love.
I don’t always have the right words to say.
You pulled me out of the dark, ya know?
Every single racing thought shut me in this dark room.
Constantly weighed down with pity and drowning in insecurities.
God knows I always have a rough time coordinating my thoughts into words.
Saying I love you just flows so easily and gracefully.
That’s one thought my brain lets me embrace with a fucking welcome mat.
Your energy and light are so pure.
I don’t know how I could of ever lived this long in complete darkness without you.
Troubled thoughts and self sabotage were my best fucking friends.
I am enough. I deserve you, us.
The spark in my eyes. Intoxicating laughter.
I can honestly say, I deserve you.
You are my boost of serotonin.
© MedicatedDramaQueen