Appearing on the outside as impossible to touch,
someone from whom you wouldn't expect much.
Though time has passed unfriendly often spurned,
there's much which through struggle was learned.

Having traveled far on roads before yet unexplored,
in directions with dangers that can't be ignored.
Which present themselves in a variety of forms,
from beauty that entraps to dark raging storms.

Affecting those beneath to bring about change,
as it passes over masses whom fate does estrange.
Setting them adrift upon a world great indeed,
where to find yourself you must want to succeed.

Even if something is other than it would seem,
as a picture that appears out of someone's dream.
Reflecting desires yet to be revealed from within,
opposite of what people see which causes chagrin.

Before they realize the importance of it's appearance,
providing a basis for what's considered as brilliance.
A diamond needs not polish to be of great value,
only that it's center shines like a sun rising true.

© Renopoet