Pride took over, she handed me the ring
How easy it is with a smile on her face
Without a thought, she highlights nothing
Like she never knew me in the first place

A drama that could grow if I didn't pursue
I begged unnecessarily, for the sake of love
Some part lies apology, some were true
I'm just sick of losing the last hope I have

The alternative, she'll get in touch, a day or two
With a bag in her eyes, and bruises on her skins
Love might fade, yet most of the time it grew
Cravings for affection, longing always wins

I said things before, I wished I should've ate
Since the connection physically is temporary
Being honest just severes my mental state
A shame how she can break me instantly

Like I've never been good, like I never cared
To selfishly claim that she was invalidated
Yet she looks eagerly, I couldn't stay stared
I questions if I'm the victim if I ain't commited

I love her yes, I'm down to be with her forever
She has the looks, but the gaps in the head
Yet I can pretend just to maintain, to be her lover
By now I couldn't afford this beloved tale to end

© Dizon