The sound of nothingness
A quite space but not in my case
Silence of the night
Calmness of the dawn
Silence for me is like a woodpecker on a tree like a spinning drone in my head from morning to bed
From dusk to dawn buzzing in my ears
Trapping me with my fears
Affecting my soul can’t control
Close my ears not to hear … it’s in my head not through my ears like Northern Flickers on trees
Mumbling lips hard to be read
Mocking my head for anything been said
Not saying a word trapped in my world
Listening with my heart interpreting in my head
Day by day not hearing what they say
Me and myself always have our way
That buzzing in my ears we made it clear
Controlling the situation using it for our meditation
The mind is superior my soul is a worrier
Using every manoeuvre so my mind can take over
Best sounds are heard by heart mind and soul
© 6683