what's the meaning
I wasnt born to them nice days
I was made for porn and rain
had to be a cloudy day in May
when my mamas mind began to change
6 months in her unwanting womb
made me cry for
wave bye bye for caskets and tombs
I was a bastard daddy till I saw you
then I wanted life
I forgave my dopey grave
I'm saved put away that knife
don't need big black garbage bags to carry me away
I'm gone be alright
can't see nothin in this plastics so wholes i'd bite
at least til I can see what I'm leaving in the light
so then my dark start
no longer needed black bags
I's be your black sheep bastard you never wanted to give a start
deblacken my mind
or don't wonder why my writings dark and back again
each time
we seep crying
cause I'm just a lion lying
in a frying pan
waiting on the grease
maybe it'll cease mamas peace so she wont keep crying
Mama say mama sa
ma ma ku sa

© Yadylane