Whispers of Destiny

As the evening's curtain gently falls,
And thoughts of purpose start to enthrall,
The clock chimed, a peculiar sound,
Something extraordinary soon would abound.

In the silence, a mystical air,
Whispers of destiny filled the lair.
A symphony of possibilities untold,
Unveiling a journey waiting to unfold.

Within the chime, a cosmic key,
Unlocking doors to what could be.
A moment suspended, time stood still,
As the universe whispered, with a divine thrill.

Dreams and passions, ignited anew,
Unleashed by the clock's enchanting cue.
The path ahead, mysterious and wide,
Inviting you to embrace life's wild ride.

With each chime, aspirations took flight,
Guided by stars, shining so bright.
A symphony of choices, dancing in the air,
Destiny beckoned, with a dare to dare.

The evening's embrace, a canvas vast,
Painted with hopes that forever last.
Embracing the unusual, the unknown,
The clock's chime became a melody, all its own.

So, as the evening comes to a close,
Listen closely, as the universe bestows,
Whispers of destiny, a tale to unfold,
Embrace the extraordinary, let your heart be bold.

As the evening comes to a close,
You were thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life,
The clock chimed and something unusual took place...
© Bittercrazy18