Dear old love
I lay next to your sparkling eyes
memories flood of our first sight
the time i said yes, dance lazily
and i get crazy butterflies
yes that's right
only you did have such hold over me

It was the morning of an amazing Autumn
i had my coffee
a walk to the cafe
enjoying the gentle breeze
lost in the serenity of blooming trees
i bumped into you
for a moment i was star struck
thank the attraction police were held up
i starred at you long enough to get me locked up
i remember the chrysanthemum
blessing us with beautiful petal fall
in that moment all i could think of us was you

How did we end up as strangers
memories of us feels like deja vu
who have you been texting lately you said it's work but i knew you were lying
i saw alk the signs and yet i ignored it
i thought my love was Strong enough to make you stay
and so i tolerated every single day
your addiction being a flirt

Desperate for a change
i figured to take a break
but you....
i took an early flight to run back to you
my longing arms could not wait to hold you
you love suprises and i prepared you the best
a beautiful girl clad in blue

I stood at the door
too petrified to move
i couldn't even process at the moment
you and her
in our bed
i could not say a word i stood by
like a damn fool
nona was write love brings out darnest part of a person
i loved you too much
i needed to keep you
my love wasn't strong enough

My water fountain betrayed me
my mouth still agape
i felt gentle trickles Dow the slope of my chin and cheek
i turned to leave
my make up was smudged
i walked pass you and her
in the washroom,
i gathered my self together
fixed my make up
and my crown
and walked out on you and your lover
a thousand words unsaid

I didn't take a dime
not even my favorite necklace
you had the jeweller make
you couldn't pick which flowers were my favorite
zinna or dahlia
you made him fuse and model both in to a unique jewelry

I remember us being so in love
thats the memory i chose to leave with
my silence freaked you out
you reached out to apologise
i forgave but couldn't take you back
i loved you enough to forgive
and i loved you enough to let you go
i can not take you back
it will be an endorsement to your infidelity

I'm leaving, you
my love, why did it have to end this way
i know i was good enough
i know my love was genuine
how did you not see it till you lost it
it's not my fault
i gave you the best of me i could
maybe if the stars align
our paths collide
under the chrysanthemum
few years in Autumn
and our love calls us home
we will be together
so bye for now
I hope she makes you happy,
my love
the man of my youth!

© irkel