Louder Than A Scream
Sometimes a whisper is more powerful than a scream,
A breath of hope to rights the wrongs unseen
It slips through cracks, in mumurs that ignites the flames.
And heals the wounds where sorrow stains.

The quiet moments hold the key,
To unlock hearts and soothe the pain,
More than a shout that's fueled by fear,
A simple whisper speaks our name.

Soft words spoken tenderly,
In the hush of night, when all is still,
A whisper's touch can bend the will,
It carries love and quiet might,
Transforming darkness into light.

Beneath the roar of life's demands,
A whisper gently takes our hands,
It speaks of dreams and unseen grace,
Of tender moments time can't erase.

So when the world feels harsh and loud,
And fear and pain create a shroud,
Remember that a whispered plea,
Can set the soul and spirit free.

Cause sometimes, a whisper is more powerful than a scream,
A subtle force within a dream,
It moves the heart, ignites the fire,
From the depths of darknes, lifts our spirits higher!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo