who are you ?
midnight is my morning
alone in this jungle, i don't know
what I am searching.

too much red, turn it into black
too much cold, turn it into ice
time turn it into rock
a knife which can cut
a heart and a soul
thousand times.

who are you? i questioned,
frightened my heart
walking close to her slowly,
she hold my hand tightly
and started crying,
at midnight suddenly
i woke up from my bad dreams.

my pillow is wet
but I am not in pain
angry ,why I want revenge
why i am seeing you
in my dreams again and again.

someone else controlling
my everything
now i can't sleep
because of her crying.

whispers of pain
make me walk in the
darkest, quite forest
I am here again
where this story had started.

in the jungle
why I am digging the soil
beutifulness turn into skeleton,
a rose turn into withered rose
a withered rose turn into dried rose.