Born as a fool
My eyes are closed but my mind is awake.
Thinking about the test that i have to take.
I can't sleep and it's getting late
"If you studied you'll do great"

What will i do if i don't do okay
My parents will have something bad to say
My grades are horible and so am i
I have so many questions that starts with why.

Why do i feel like this, will it ever stop?
Why do i feel like my heart wants to drop?
Why am i so fat and abnormally dumb
Why can't i have just a little bit fun?
Why am i in a cage filled with pens and paper
Will there be a place, a place where i feel saver?

How did i get here there is not a lid or a door
All of this thinking makes my head really sore.
My story is written by my parents and school
"The girl who is born as a helpless fool"

© L.