Let's make love
Let's make love like it's the very first time
Come closer and pet me show you , what's on my mind
As I wrap my arms around you and squeeze you tight
I feel the butterflies in your stomach deep in flight

I can feel your body shiver at my mere touch as your breathing becomes heavy and very rough

We whisper sweetness in each other's ear relax cause as long as I'm here you have nothing to fear

Our body's sweats wetness of love
It's like fog fills the room from ceiling to rug

The smell of love essence fills the air
If anyone's hear's us I don't even care

The mood is right and with the lights down low
As your body heats up begin to glow

I love the motion when our two bodies connect
If we had to vote a moment to keep, this is the one I elect

You rub my back so gracious and slow
Don't hold back just let it flow

I love you so much mh lucky 🍀 clover
Our body's begin to shiver so it's almost over

My heart is racing faster than a rang roverBaby let's take a break so we can start all over

We don't have to rush cause there's no where to go
I want to spoil your body, don't say nothing cause I already know

Written by
sid &yoona
© All Rights Reserved