A walk on a beach,
Both, on your bare feet,
So close and within reach,
A conversation brief but sweet,

Two lovers walk along the shore,
Their footsteps sinking in the sand.
The waves crash and the seagulls soar,
As they stroll hand in hand.

The sun is setting in the west,
Painting the sky with hues of red.
The lovers know they are blessed,
To share this moment as they tread.

They talk of dreams and hopes and fears,
Of all the things they long to do.
They laugh and smile and wipe away tears,
As they share their hearts anew.

The cool breeze blows and the air is sweet,
As they walk along the ocean's edge.
Their love is strong and true, complete,
Like the waves that never rest.

The stars begin to twinkle bright,
As day gives way to night's embrace.
The lovers know that all is right,
As they gaze into each other's face.

And so they walk on, hand in hand,
Along the beach so calm and still.
Their love forever will withstand,
Like the sea that always will.

© Rosely1998